Stop By These Three Top Restaurants In The Great City Of Mobile AL

When in tbe city of Mobile AL, you are also in Mobile County. Did you know that the population of the city itself is almost 200,000? That surprises some people, and it surprised me, despite Mobile of course being such a popular city. As a matter of fact, that makes Mobile the city in Alabama with the most people. There are also over 500 restaurants in Mobile. Let’s look at three of the best picks so that you grab some great meals while you are there.

Bob’s Downtown Restaurant is most likely going to end up being my favorite pick out of the three, and I’ll tell you why. You see, they serve up my favorite food, country fried steak. Do you like country fried steak? Bob’s Downtown Restaurant is located on Saint Frances Street, and some other menu items served up at this brunch spot include burgers, gumbo, biscuits and fish.

Big Time Diner is located on College Hill Road, and one of the pictures on a top travel site shown for this restaurant features a delicious looking banana split. I mean it looks absolutely scrumptious. At Big Time Diner, you can also get fried fish, chicken tenders, a chicken philly and all kinds of good eats. One person calls it the best local find.

Now let’s take a look at Moe’s Original Barbecue, located on Spring Hill Avenue. Pulled pork, barbecue chicken, savory sides and much more await you when you visit this gem of a restaurant. One person says that Moe’s Original Barbecue is the best, so you know where to get that delicious barbecue. You also know where to get your country fried steak, banana splits and much more. Have a blast stopping by these three top restaurants in Mobile AL, and maybe a few more, too.

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